The Purpose and Justice of God's Judgment

4/12/20242 min read

The Parental Heart: A Reflection on God's Judgment

No parents in the world want their son or daughter to die, even if he or she were to be hanged for a crime. The love of a parent is unconditional, and their instinct is to protect and save their child at all costs. If there is even a remote possibility of saving their child, a parent's heart will relentlessly seek out a way. This is the universal truth that resonates with all parents throughout our fallen world.

However, when we ponder upon this truth, a question arises. If the hearts of all parents yearn for the salvation of their children, why does the all-knowing and all-powerful God, the parent of humankind, have to exercise judgment in the last days? The question really is – Is it judgement?

It is essential to understand that what appears to be God's judgment is not an act of punishment but the direct result or unintended outcome of humankind’s own actions. God, as the absolute parent wants nothing but happiness and joy for His children. But as His Children, we were created with freedom and responsibility.

The Paradox of Forgiveness

When we question why God cannot pardon humankind, we must consider the paradox of forgiveness. If it is true that Jesus taught us to forgive others seventy times seven times, then God, as the origin of love and parenthood would have to forgive seventy times seven thousand.

However, God gave us freedom and responsibility. Humankind’s ancestors chose to not follow the creator’s operating instructions (Genesis 3), and this led to a world of evil and great suffering. Humankind has to consciously and willingly choose to return to God’s lineage and live accordingly.

God's heart is one of infinite love and mercy, but He is also the origin of the natural and spiritual laws of creation. He cannot simply overlook the consequences of our actions or dismiss the importance of personal accountability. Just as a loving parent wishes with all their heart for their children to do what is right, so does our Heavenly Father.

The Purpose of God's Judgment

What is seen as God's judgment in the last days is the natural result of humankind’s wrong actions. It is not an act of condemnation but an opportunity for transformation, a wakeup call, so to speak. It is also a cleansing, as all the unspeakable and evil things that have been going on hidden from public scrutiny are now coming into the light. God is seeking to purify and refine humanity, allowing us to recognize our shortcomings and turn towards Him in repentance, choosing to do so freely out of our love for Him.

In conclusion, the parental heart of all parents in the world reflects the desire to save and protect their children. Similarly, God's heart is filled with absolute love and mercy, but it is also guided by the perfect physical and spiritual laws He created. What appears to be His judgment in the last days is not an act of condemnation but an opportunity for transformation and redemption. God longs with His whole being to guide humanity towards righteousness and create at last the world of true love and joy that was His original ideal of creation.