is an approach to wellness that simultaneously addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual components of health.

ELECTRO REFLEX ENERGIZER The electronic way to foot reflexology

Easy Operation: With a single remote control included, operating the Advanced ERE is a breeze. Enjoy effortless control over four massage modes: pounding, relaxing, massage, and auto-circulation, tailored to your preferences.

Customizable Intensity, Convenient Time, Versatile Usage, Portable and Lightweight.

Experience the unparalleled relaxation and comfort of the Electro Reflex Energizer—no other product compares to this low-frequency machine. Treat yourself to the ultimate foot massage experience and elevate your relaxation game today!


This Original chi Machine has been very helpful with sleeping disorders and lower back pain issues because of the gentle and relaxing oscillation movement. It is best to use the Chi Machine just before bed time for sleeping disorders. The Doctor's show demonstrated the Original Chi Machine and also has a lady share how it helped her with Fibromyalgia pain.


puts out a combination of thermal energy and Far Infrared Rays. These are wonderfully warm and penetrating heat that enter the body through the skin to help improve your blood circulation. This is extremely beneficial for pain, swelling, inflammation, allergies and sinus issues.

E-POWER High Frequency Negative Potential

Body Energy Recuperation / Skin Rejuvenator / Body Detoxifier

What does E-Power do? • Balances energy and nervous system. • Activates cells. • Enhance blood circulation. • Help body detoxification. • Enhance cellular respiration promote ATP production (produces energy). • Helps reduce stress. • Improves quality of sleep.