God's Three Major Headaches: Immorality, Division in Christianity, and Communism

5/30/20241 min read

woman in black shirt and black shorts standing on brown sand during daytime
woman in black shirt and black shorts standing on brown sand during daytime

Immorality: The Decline of Moral Values

In today's world, immorality is a major concern. From rampant dishonesty to the erosion of family values, the moral fabric of society seems to be unraveling. Immorality isn't just about personal choices; it affects communities, relationships, and even entire nations. God views immorality as one of His major headaches because it leads people away from the righteous path and builds a society that thrives on unethical behavior.

The Division of Christianity: Denominations at War

Another significant issue is the division within Christianity itself. With countless denominations often at odds with each other, the unity that Jesus preached seems like a distant dream. These divisions can lead to infighting, misunderstanding, and even hostility among believers. This fragmentation is a major headache for God, who desires His followers to be united in faith and love. The constant battle between denominations not only weakens the Christian witness but also confuses those seeking spiritual guidance, allowing socialism and communism to take over the reins of power with no resistance.

Communism: Satan’s Ideology

Communism is often viewed as an ideology that stands in direct opposition to spiritual beliefs. Many Christians see communism as Satan's ideology because it denies the existence of God and seeks to eliminate religious influence in society. Instead of Judeo/Christian values as its ethical and moral guideline, survival of the fittest, or absolute power is the moral compass. This political system prioritizes state control over individual freedoms, including the freedom of worship. In other words, government is god. For God, communism represents a significant challenge as it replaces spiritual faith with secular faith, further distancing people from divine teachings.

In conclusion, immorality, the division within Christianity, and the rise of communism are three major headaches for God. Each of these issues presents unique challenges that undermine His vision for a righteous and peaceful world. By addressing these concerns, believers can work towards creating a society that aligns more closely with divine principles.