The Universal Principle of Love: The Foundation of Creation

3/28/20242 min read

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pink Love neon signage

The Universal Principle of Love: The Foundation of Creation

The subject-object relationship is an inherent feature of the universe . It is a fundamental principle that governs all of creation. This principle states that everything in existence, from the smallest particles to the grandest celestial bodies, was brought into being based on love, and it is sustained through love relationships.

Love in the Mineral Kingdom

Even in the mineral kingdom, we can observe the manifestation of this principle. Minerals, in their molecular structure, consist of positive and negative ions. These ions have a give and take relationship with each other, creating a harmonious balance. This interplay of positive and negative charges is essential for the existence and stability of minerals.

The Plant Kingdom: Stamen and Pistil

As we move up the ladder of creation, we encounter the plant kingdom. Plants, too, are founded on the principle of the subject-object relationship. The most significant example of this is the relationship between the stamen and pistil in flowers. The stamen, the male reproductive organ, and the pistil, the female reproductive organ, work together to ensure the continuation of the plant species. Through the process of pollination, these two components unite, allowing for the creation of new life.

The Animal Kingdom: Paired Males and Females

In the animal kingdom, the subject-object relationship is evident in the paired males and females of each species. Animals exist based on the union of these two genders, which is essential for the reproduction and survival of their species. This relationship allows for the continuation of life and the perpetuation of diverse and thriving ecosystems.

The Cosmic Dance: Planets and Stars

Even on a cosmic scale, the subject-object relationship prevails. Planets and stars relate to each other in this way, forming intricate systems and celestial dances. The gravitational pull between celestial bodies creates a delicate balance, ensuring the stability and functioning of the universe as we know it.

It is remarkable to realize that there is not a single thing in existence that was created outside the principle of the pair system of love. Love is the driving force behind the creation and sustenance of everything in the universe. It is the universal language that connects all beings, from the tiniest particles to the vast expanse of galaxies.

As we contemplate the subject-object relationship and its foundation in love, we are reminded of the interconnectedness of all things. We are created either male or female and are part of this grand tapestry of creation, and our relationships with others are an expression of this universal principle. Let us cherish and nurture the love within us, for it is through love that we can truly understand and appreciate the beauty and interconnectedness of the universe.